Whole Gunthorp Turkey - Fresh, Raw (15-20lbs)


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Gunthorp turkeys are raised on certified organic pasture and without the use of antibiotics on Greg Gunthorp’s family farm in Indiana. Harvested in their own on-farm processing plant, these turkeys are cared for by the Gunthorp family from start to finish. Pre-order one today for your perfect Thanksgiving meal!

Each Gunthorp Farms broad breasted white turkey ranges from 15-20 lbs and includes giblets (heart, liver, and neck). 

Have us spatchcock or butcher your bird for $5! Select the in our options above.

To gauge how big of a turkey to get for your gathering, we recommend at least 2 lbs per person for turkeys 12 lbs or more. Turkeys under 12 lbs generally have a smaller meat-to-bone ratio, so we recommend 3 lbs per person on smaller turkeys.

All Gunthorp birds will be 15-20lbs, if you think you need a smaller turkey please check out our Ferndale Whole Turkeys.

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