Beef Standing Rib Roast


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Often referred to as Prime Rib, the Standing Rib Roast is an impressive centerpiece. We like to cut the bones off, and then re-tie them back on the roast. This gives you all the flavor of a bone-in ribeye, and makes it easier to carve and serve after cooking.

Sold by the rib, each bone-in section weighs about 2lbs.
For special requests, please ask call to talk to our butcher and leave us a note at checkout.

Cooking Tips & Sizes: On a standing rib, 2 lbs serves about three people. If you have six guests, a 4 lb (2 rib) roast is enough. Keep in mind, guests tend to eat more around the holidays. Don't forget the beef stock for some sauce (French dip anyone?) Get more cooking tips here.

Source: Linz Heritage Angus