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Smashed Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Smashed Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes from Wisconsin mashed coarsely and topped the usual Midwestern Thanksgiving way - with brown sugar and Dandies marshmallows. Flavorful, creamy and sweet! Order for your family table and order extra if you want leftovers for the rest of the week.

Ingredients: Sweet Potatoes, butter, cream, marshmallows, brown sugar, salt, pepper

Reheat Instructions: Heat oven to 350F and place into oven in oven-safe dish for about 15-20 minutes. Heating potatoes uncovered will give you a crispy potato top. Keep covered if you want to prevent a crust from forming-- though it will take a bit longer to warm all the way through. Mashed potatoes can also be warmed on the stove top in a large sauce pan. Remember to stir regularly.

Large served in a foil pan for easy reheating.