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Everything from The Basics Box

Plus this week's fresh selection*
  • Asparagus 1 lb - from Couture Farms in Kettleman City, CA    
10 lbs of Produce staples from our favorite local farms*
  • Spring Mix from Revol Greens in Medford, MN
  • Tomatoes on Vine and Cherry Tomatoes from MightyVine in Rochelle, IL    
  • Cameo Apples from Lehman's Orchard in Niles, MI 
  • Orange Carrots from Driftless Breeze in Fennimore, WI  
  • Red Potatoes from Ewing Farms in Red Lake, MN    
  • Russet Potatoes from Worzella & Sons Farm in Plover, WI    
  • Sweet Yellow Onions from Nichols Farm in Marengo, IL    
And for the pantry:
* Products subject to change with availability
- Free Delivery included to one of our special pickup locations
Neal & Carolyn Lambright produce free-range eggs on their Cedar Ridge Farm. Happy chickens produce delicious eggs and the Lambrights free-range birds make some of the most flavorful eggs we’ve tasted. You know these eggs are special once you crack one open and see the vibrant orange yolk. Cedar Ridge chickens are fed a balanced diet of non-gmo corn, soybean meal and calcium (for shell quality) along with vitamins, minerals and fresh grass when in season. The birds have access to three times as much outside pasture than inside exposure.
Revol Greens uses a hydroponic growing system that is 30x more productive than traditional lettuce growing, while 90% less water, to deliver fresh lettuce and arugula to the Midwest year-round, saving over 2000 miles and 4+ days of transit compared to product from CA or AZ.  They capture rainwater from the roof for closed-loop irrigation, which ensures no dumping of nitrogen-heavy water into nearby watershed.
Their specialized growing system keeps base of the plant elevated slightly, causing the roots to work to reach nutrient-rich water, giving the greens their heartiness and crunch. Machine harvesting and packing means that Revol Greens are never touched by human hands, eliminating the food safety risks of most leafy greens. 

MightyVine tomatoes are grown year-round in their 21-acre glasshouse farm in Rochelle, IL, 78 miles west of Chicago. They ripen on the vine before they are picked and delivered within a day or two to Local Foods, bringing you the freshest and most flavorful tomatoes around. 

Lamers Dairy is a family owned and operated dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin. Since 1913, five generations of the Lamers family have taken pride in producing the highest quality milk and other dairy products.  Milk from just a few carefully chosen family farms located within 30 miles of the dairy.  Lamers' milk has never contained artificial hormones and never will.

Farmhouse Kitchens brand butter is made at Pine Grove Creamery, a woman-owned and operated fifth generation creamery. The Olm family has been making dairy products since the late 1800s, and they use some of the same equipment today that the family used way back then. Their old-fashioned production methods produce a unique and classic butter. One vat of cream is emptied into the churn, the butter is churned, then the churn is emptied by hand. After going through a simple molder and wrapper, it's packed up and shipped within days of production.