Beef Standing Rib Roast


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Often referred to as Prime Rib, the Standing Rib Roast is an impressive centerpiece. We like to cut the bones off, and then re-tie them back on the roast. This gives you all the flavor of a bone-in ribeye, and makes it easier to carve and serve after cooking.

Sold by the rib, each bone-in section weighs about 2lbs.

For special requests, please call to talk to our butchers and leave us a note at checkout.

Cooking Tips & Sizes: On a standing rib, 2 lbs serves about three people. If you have six guests, a 4 lb (2 rib) roast is enough. Keep in mind, guests tend to eat more around the holidays. Don't forget the beef stock for some sauce (French dip anyone?) Get more cooking tips here.