Holiday Ham


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Our Butcher & Larder Ham has everything you need for a memorable dinner that is as convenient as it is delicious. It all starts with our local, pastured hogs. The hams are butchered and go into a brine made with honey, molasses, black and red pepper, herbs, and garlic and are slowly smoked over a mix of hickory, oak and cherry wood. They are smoky, a little sweet, really juicy, and will be a true showstopper that will become a holiday tradition for years to come.

Available in three sizes:

Cubbie Ham: approx. 2 lbs - serves 3-4

Half ham: 3-4 lbs - serves 6-10

Whole ham: 7-8 lbs - serves 10-16

Cooking Tips: Hams are all boneless and fully cooked; simply heat and eat. Ham can be carved at the table, or sliced ahead of time and heated up ready to serve. Get more cooking tips here.